Daniel primarily provides his services in Pennsylvania, South Carolina & Georgia. He is available USA and World Wide

Daniel Forster:

Born and raised in State College, PA, he has always had a camera of some sort in his hands taking pictures or recording videos of every creative idea that came to mind. He filmed his first TV commercial at age 16 and progressed his business into the professional and wedding industry work by age 18. He had a second passion wanting to help those in need. After going to school to become a paramedic, he moved down to South Carolina in 2009 for a fulltime job on an ambulance. He continued his business "DJ Motion Pictures" mostly doing weddings in beautiful cities of Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. There being the #1 wedding destinations on the east coast, his business became very successful in photography, videography, photo booths and uplighting.  mostly kept the photography at that point to more of a hobby then part of the business.


Then in 2014, the love of his life (Tonya) said "Yes" to his proposal! She is originally from State College, PA and with both of their families being from there it only made sense for him to move back. He excitedly accepted a fulltime paramedic job with Geisinger Life Flight and made the move back to PA end of 2015. He continued his wedding business under a new name "Daniel James Photography, LLC" in Pennsylvania and has replaced the name DJ Motion Pictures with it in SC & GA.


He is very excited to be offering his years of skills to you from experience in the biggest wedding markets in photography, videography, photo booth and uplighting services. He photographs and videos with high quality digital equipment in an illustrative shooting style that is a pleasing blend of traditional and photo-journalistic, with an emphasis on composition, lighting and background. He captures your wedding day with the flow of spontaneity candids, while offering the technical control of posed shots.



Tonya Forster:

Also from the State College area, graduated from Penn State with her criminal justice degree. She then found her love for

the medical field and works full time for Mount Nittany Medical Center as a phlebotomist. She shares her passion for photography and

videography with Daniel. She and Daniel are proud owners of Daniel James Photography, LLC. She can be hired to be a second

photographer with Daniel or can be hired out as a lead photographer for weddings/events. She also does videography, photo booth

and uplighting services.


We would love to hear how we can help make your most special day the best it can be!



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Erika Townsend:

Erika was born and raised in Philipsburg, PA and also married her husband of 12 years from there as well. They

now live in State College and are raising their two beautiful children Haydn and Avery. Erika works full time at

Mount Nittany Medical Center as a phlebotomist with Tonya Forster. Erika has always had a passion for photography

and loves to capture the beautiful unscipted moments in every occasion. Photography has been a long time hobby of hers as she has done a lot of nature and family photograhy. Over the years, Erika has gained experience in maternity, special occasions, and wedding photography. Erika's shooting style is a mix of traditional and photojournalism. She has a gift for catching those special moments without you ever knowing. She is also very open to creative ideas and welcomes you to bring example pictures of what you are trying to achieve. She is available as a lead photographer and also a 2nd photographer through Daniel James Photography, LLC. She also does wedding videography and photo booth services.

Steve Walters:

Steve is a local nature enthusiast. He was born in Lock Haven, PA and raised in Bellefonte. Steve is currently employed as a paramedic in Centre County, although life opportunities have carried him all along the Eastern coast from Connecticut to Florida. Throughout his travels, Steve has always taken time to enjoy nature and local culture. He has learned to appreciate other’s views and take of a situation and attempts incorporated that into his photography style. Through photography, Steve loves to capture the spirit and emotion of his subject, while not losing the compliments of the surroundings and local flair. When not working, Steve enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and most anything outdoors. He is available as a lead photographer and also a 2nd photographer through Daniel James Photography, LLC. He also does wedding videography and photo booth services.

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